More thoughts about rewriting. (It's almost as if I'm trying to talk myself into being enthusiastic about the process. Probably won't work...)

This I know: I can't plan a book too much in advance. I discover the story by writing. So I'm fleshing out the characters, the setting, the plot as I go along.

The thing about making time for a rewrite is that gives me time to ruminate and think about  these newly created characters, settings, and plots. They are alive, solid, moving--but I can now look at what I've done, live with it for awhile, and what seems to happen is that it all deepens a little bit.

It's like having new roommates, who you start learning more and more about as you live with them. Like moving to a new place and having time to explore the surroundings. Like getting a new job and finding out what the underlying motivations and machinations of your co-workers are.