Daily "Fateplay" rewrite journal, Day 9.

Made some progress today. A short scene with the coyote.

The real problem is--why would they do what the coyote says?  I've somehow got to make something more out of that, some reason that propels them on.

Other than that, most of the changes have just been dealing with the tone of the book. The emphasis of the relationships has to shift slightly, the attitudes. It's a pretty tricky thing to do. I've gone through about a third of the book in 10 days, right on schedule.

The tone of this book was very light. Which if fine, but not enough was at stake. But now that I've made the stakes higher, it's difficult to change the tone. I'm not really trying that hard. Setting the stakes, and then letting the lighter tone tell the story. I just have to hope it isn't too jarring.

The original tone was light and was meant to be light. No way to turn it "serious." It was inspired by Ready Player One, after all. So basically, it's going to be 50 pages of dark surrounded by 260 pages of light. 

As I told Linda when she tries to make sense of it; "I"m feeling my way."

It's not really Science-fiction, it's Metaphysical-Science fiction. (Not something most SF readers are fans of, I'm sure.)

I'm not sure it's better--but the point is, I tried to make it better. I took the time and the effort. I'm at a point where I want to be sure that I gave it my best effort.