Daily "Fateplay" rewrite journal, Day 14

I'm roughly halfway through the rewrite. Having a bit of a hard time motivating myself. Partly because there aren't any big changes necessary. Ironically, big changes get me engaged and that engagement expands into line editing.

Line editing alone is excruciating for me, even while I see its utility. Where do I start? Where do I stop? Is this an improvement? Does adding detail slow the story? Is this in the wrong place, if I move it here will it work or will the sequence get messed up? Here's a simple word and here's a better but less simple word--stick to simple? Should she respond here, or would it be more subtle to have her frown. Does this follow or does it follow too closely and need some non sequesters to break it up? Is this just voices in a void? Do I need the dialogue tag or can I find movement? Have I ended the action too soon or should I cut it? Is there a response I'm missing here?

Spent part of the day at the store putting away books. Getting a couple of shipments a week instead of a couple shipments a month this summer because I vowed that if I was going to invest so heavily in books I'd need to keep up from then on.

So far it's working really well.

Anyway, came back and read another 25 pages, so I'm up to page 200. About another week to finish, I figure.