Daily "Fateplay" rewrite journal, Day 12.

Lots of small tweaks yesterday. At first I had a hard time getting into it. The trick is to start, to find just one thing to change, and then it starts to roll.

I was working on two chapters that I thought were interesting, I hope, in their own right, but there wasn't much motivation for the first one but, "Hey, we have a couple of extra days let's try to find a murderer!" and for the second chapter the motivation was, "Hey, I'm cooped up on this hotel room and I'm bored so I think I'll go visit the enemy!"

Not great.

So I put in another Coyote scene, where the critter criticizes Zach for straying from the plan, and tells him that it "isnt' important" who murdered his friend. Which gets Zach mad and makes him wonder if he's a puppet (which ties in neatly with an earlier scene where a character is literally a meat puppet) and he decides to investigate his opponent despite the Coyote's warning because he is sure the opponent is guilty of the murder.

So a bit convoluted, but at least lends more meaning to the two chapters.

Going to bed last night mulling over the overall book, as I do before I drift off the sleep, I decided that I like Zach more now, that I'm more in tune with him, and that when the final rewrite comes, I need to get directly into Zach's head and write from his perspective as much as possible. (It's 1st person narration.)

Got sidetracked on the actual rewrite because I decided to go back and change all the "visitations" to either Coyote or Mr. Zander. It required rewriting a few scenes.

Much better! Less confusing, more thematic. I like the change a lot.

Linda and are going to Mission Impossible this afternoon, but as soon as we get back I'm going to get back to doing the 25 pages.

Got back and didn't accomplish anything. It's hard when I have a hard break in the middle of the day.