"I never shop downtown. It's too busy."

It's funny how often I get the comment, "I never shop downtown. It's too busy."

As a store owner, I just sort of tilt my head and say, "Ever heard of Yogi Berra?"

I am getting about $6000 worth of books on Monday. I think I have room for them. They are all choice books, selected, curated. The best of the best.

Basically, I've finally sprung for the wishlist.

That's on top of spending a month buying books every week, so probably another $6000 worth of new books. The reorganization has opened up the space to do what I've been itching to do. Meanwhile, our displays of graphic novels are great to look at and I do believe have had an impact.

This is one of those periodic re-inventions of the store that invigorate me and keep the store moving forward. It's one of the ways to avoid burnout--constantly moving in the direction of one's interests, whether profitable or not (within reason, of course.)

For some reason, I've been tilted toward the store again. Part of it is going back to work on Mondays, another is this re-organization. I've enjoyed the interactions, been somewhat surprised by just how many people I've been friendly with. I can forget how many friends I've made there.

I think the next few years should be fun and I think customers pick up on the feeling. I'm thankful that I've made it this far and still feel enthused about owning a business.

Meanwhile--my writing.

I had a good solid six years writing. I've written better books than I thought was possible. But I think it's time to slow down and take stock. If nothing else, finish the books I've already written. I'm going to try not to plunge into a new book.

Unless of course a premise and story comes along that is so strong I can't resist...😛