Daily "Fateplay" rewrite journal, Day 4.

Woke up with the random line in my mind: "He was a big, virtuous limestone slab of a man." What does that even mean?

I've come to some conclusions.

1.) "Fateplay" is improved, without a doubt. In fact, I'm a little embarrassed that I thought it was ready. But you don't really know what it's lacking until you go through the process.

2.) the ten pages a day is a good number. That and going back to it several times after breaks and I seem to come up with these little improvements that add up.

3.) I'm not sure the changes will make any difference. Rejection will actually be harder, not easier. Then again, I'll know in my heart that I made the effort and that I think it's better. Whether it's good or not--that really isn't for me to decide.

Overhearing Linda listening to a "literary" novel and it sounds terrible. Boring and pompous. Of course, they'd think my little books silly, but damn they do go on about nothing.

Got started late, around 1:30.

Struggled with this one. It was more or less a procedural chapter, where all the bits of business and information are done so that the story can continue. Preferably, that could also be done in action chapters. Hopefully, it is intriguing enough.

Up to 47 pages. From here on, I can more or less follow the structure of the first draft, though it will have to be fixed as I go along to match the new premises. As I said above, I'm losing lots of interpersonal interactions based on the original history of the characters, which has now been changed.

But the story is streamlined, fits more the ending, and not quite as silly.