Cardboard Standup Line up.

Ordering standups.

I love these things. I mean, they're impossible to display correctly, especially in a store as crowded as mine. But they are cool things.

Thing is, I never know what to get. Like posters and t-shirts and buttons, my tastes don't necessarily reflect what the public will buy. There is a gender bias I try to overcome.

I don't try too hard to overcome my nerd bias, though. I mean, the store is a reflection of me in that way.

There are a lot of licensed products out there I would love to get (or would have loved to get) but they never had a license. I could have sold Skully and Mulder all day long, for instance. Buffy the Vampire Hunter, and so on.

There are multiple Marilyn's and Elvis's and John Wayne's, so it's always a guess which one. (I usually go with the 7-Year Itch Marilyn and older John Wayne and Jail House Rock Elvis.)

Some superhero licenses are the movie and some the cartoon. So that's always a choice.

The price point is $40 which a lot of people balk at, but which I think is pretty reasonable. The postage is horrendous. This is one of those rare items that you really can't save much by buying online because of the postage. 

I put it to a vote with Linda and Sabrina and me (I made the first cut) and here's how we all voted and whether I ordered it or not.

First vote is Sabrina, second vote is Linda, and third vote is me.

Batman:                     8/5/5   Ordered (1)
Beetlejuice:                7/1/3        (1)
Black Panther:            8/10/8      (2)
Bob Ross                    10/0/7      (2)
Boba Fett:                   8/10/8      (2)
Captain America         6/9/6        (1)
Chewie                        9/10/8      (1)
Darth Vader                 8/6/6        (1)
Dobby the Elf              5/9/5        (1)
Han Solo (Ford)           8/8/7        (1)
NBX Jack and Sally    6/5/7        (1)
John Wayne                 5/1/8        (1)
Marilyn                       7/5/6         (1)
Pennywise                  8/7/3          (1)
Slave Leia                  7/8/7          (1)
Rey                            8/9/5          (1)
Sam Winchester       10/0/5          (1)
Dean Winchester      10/0/5         (1)
Frozen Elsa               10/8/4         (1)
Spider-man                5/8/5           (1)
Superman                 5/5/5            (1)
Thor                          5/10/6         (1)
Velociraptor             6/10/5          (1)
Wonder Woman      10/8/10         (2)