As you know, I don't like rewriting.

I've decided that for "Fateplay" I'm going to knuckle down and really do it.

10 pages a day. No more, no less. Read it, think about it, maybe go off and write the same scene again without referring to what I've already written, come back and consolidate the two versions, write some poetry, see if any of it fits. Look for more: more emotion, more character, more action, more plot, more connections, more depth and texture, more theme and symbolism, more everything...

Cut and sharpen, pare down and exfoliate.

Research and extrapolate, consider the ramifications, make sure I haven't missed any opportunities.

Set it aside, take a nap, come back and do it again. Go for a walk, mull over what I've done, come back and do it again. Drink a couple of beers and read it again.

Ten pages. A measly ten pages. Just do it, dammit!!!!

 Go to bed.

Wake up and do the next ten pages, no more no less.

Read it, think about it....