Spent the afternoon yesterday at the store putting away books and enjoyed it. I’ve decided to really try to stay on top of books for the rest of the year. Same with games. Spend more money than usual and spend it more often.
Comics are having one of their periodic tantrums. Graphic novels are fine, but Marvel has screwed the pooch really badly over the last few years, raising prices, starting over at #1’s, and putting out endless variants.
We could probably try to cultivate the monthly comics a bit more, but right now I’m more inclined to support books, where there is always a list of books that I know will sell. And games, which have lots of potential still.

I’m waiting to write the last 2 or 3 chapters of Fateplay. I have a new character I want to introduce, and I have a feeling that he has something to say, that he has a distinct personality, and I’m waiting for him to introduce himself. It’s a feeling I have that he’s about to step out from the side of the stage and take over the book.
I’m going to try to coax him out over the next day or so. Let him lead the way.

I love dusk in the woods. I purposely delay getting back to my car sometimes so I can soak up that last half hour of light after the sun goes down. So peaceful.