I am roughly three chapters from the end of "Time In/Time Out" (or "Fateplay.")

Thing is, though I have an ending that I could immediately write, I'm not excited by it. So I'm holding off for a grand idea. The grand idea might very well necessitate me rewriting the book from beginning to end, but I think I might be ready to do that.

As long as I don't actually write the ending it stays fluid and open to possibilities.

One idea I just thought of was to instead of the alternate realities of the story being by way VR and holodecks and such, that at some point in the story they have become real. That the bad guy Tom Le Fol is actually from a different reality.

So instead of reaching an ending, I'm suddenly twisting to one side and continuing the story.

I like that idea a lot.

Damn, I knew I would come up with something. I just had to ask myself the right questions.

That would require that I go back toward the beginning and add material that  hints at such a thing. I
think that might be the hook I need, so now I have to think about how to accomplish it. I don't want to give it away too early, but I also need to set up the possibility.

I have the handy little tool of Joseph Cambermire's Diary headings of each chapter, 3/4ths of which still need to be written.

If I do this, this book which already has a bunch of ideas that I've barely developed will have even more ideas, even more S.F.

Can I pull that off?

Storywise, I think I could. Whether it would pass muster with rigorous logical thinkers...maybe not so much.

The idea certainly expands the possibilities. In fact, limitless possibilities....Heh.