Finished "Fateplay."

I finished the first draft of "Fateplay" yesterday.

A future where just about everyone does Larping and cosplay all the time, at work, at play, at home, with the aid of VR and holograms.

Still missing most of the chapter headings. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks fixing it up, and send it off to my editor, Lara, on July 1.

It's 96K words as of now, so it will be over 100K before I'm finished. There are lots of implications to the premise that I have yet to explore. Plot first, research second.

In between writing sessions, I read through the "Small Business Survivalist Handbook: a Contrarian's Guide for Mom and Pops."

I wrote this a couple years ago, because I felt so much of the advice given to small business was not only wrong, but harmful. But then I backed off, thinking I didn't want to be a know it all.

But I recently gave some advice to a new store owner only to realize two months later he was doing everything I'd advised him not to do and was proud of it, because it was what everyone else had told him to do.


The advice still reads pretty well, so I decided to publish it. Then realized that the title on the cover and title on the manuscript were slightly different, which is pretty maddening. Especially since I announced it on social media.


I really need to check this stuff more than once.

Also, I hated my synopsis, so I want to take another try at that.

So I removed the book temporarily until I can fix it.

This is going to be Re-Write Summer!  Get the four Lander books done once and for all. Finish up the four Tales of the Thirteen Principalities novellas. Do a little work on a couple of my thrillers.

Then try to figure out a reasonable roll-out schedule.

Trying to take care of business. Trying not to start a new book.

 Of course, the caveat has always been, don't turn down the creative urge so it's more than possible I'll start something new. But this time with the idea of also catching up a little.

To be honest, I only see how productive I've been when I look back. When I'm in the middle, it seems like nothing is happening. Heh.