Writers are such a strange mix of ego and uncertainty.

Four days of not writing and BOOM! The first page is ready to go when I wake up this morning, and by noon I've written 2500 words and I'm pretty sure that's not all.

"Time In/Time Out."

If I could count on this kind of inspiration every time I wait four days, I might use that as a technique. Heh.

Got the edits from Lara yesterday for "Shadows Over Summer House." I went through all of them yesterday. Took the whole day, but got it done. I've still got some editing of my own to do, but it's more or less ready to go. She found almost no structural problems to the book, which is unusual for me. Partly, I think, because I set aside the first 25,000 words and rewrote them from scratch, thus avoiding my early missteps.

So it's done and it reads well.

Thing is, I just sent a 125 page proposal for "Time In/Time Out" to the publisher I was intending to send Shadows to, so now I need to wait a week or two before I pile on.

This is my last hurrah with mainstream publishers or agents.

If these two books don't catch their attention, then nothing will. I mean, what the hell?

Listening to "Led to the Slaughter." Feeling like it's very solid, even good. Writers are such a strange mix of ego and uncertainty. 

After I'm done trying this last time to sell to the mainstream, I'm going to let things fly. Just put the stuff out I've finished, edit what isn't finished and put it out, write new stuff, put it out. No concern over timing or any of that. I've probably been too cute by half with all that. Mostly because I was concerned about stepping on my publishers' toes.

But at this point, Crossroad has told me the more books the better, and the other publishers have books that are already established, so I have a clear field ahead of me. 

Get on with the writing.