Sitting at home day after day writing can seem pretty isolating. It can feel like I'm just doing it for myself.

So working at the store occasionally has been good for me. I'm interacting with people and some of them are giving me feedback that I dearly need. Sold a copy of Snaked on Friday, had a couple tell me how much they liked my books. What do you know? It isn't all in my head.

My walking everyday is a saving grace. It gets me out of the house and out of my head. I'm always so glad that I did it. I also get ideas without forcing them. They come unbidden, which is the best way. (Maybe not totally unbidden; I usually sort of politely ask my subconscious...)

I've kind of backed off posting so much online, except on Blogger. Those of you who are reading this are the ones who actually come here to read, (I thank you for that), versus my come-hithers on Facebook and Twitter. I almost never mention my books otherwise.

I'm writing nevertheless. That's about all I can say. I'm writing nevertheless.