Almost done.

Psyching myself up for the last few chapters of "Fateplay."

I more or less know what is going to happen, but I want to bring some energy to it. Really stick the landing.

I didn't write on Monday because I spent the entire day ordering books for Pegasus, and Tuesdays are now reserved for Linda and Duncan time. (We went to see Deadpool 2, and had writer's group in the evening.)

But I did think up some improvements on my walk. The start of the book always bothered me. The main protagonist wins the lottery (lame) is the richest man in the world (lame) and then comes out of hiding to get involved with the company he started.

Since 20 years pass, that makes him close to forty years old.

But I wanted to make this book a young adult, but I couldn't figure a way to make the changes without ruining the book.

Well, yesterday I figured out a workaround.

I also decided that I would almost immediately start the rewrite, which is a change of procedure. Or more like a return to the earlier procedure.

I have two conflicting things going on with rewrites.

1.) I've learned that giving a story time off helps with perspective, allows me to make bigger changes.

2.) I've only accomplished this once or twice, mostly with Faerylander which was a mess to start with. Yes, each time I've improved that book, but it is only now becoming an adequate write.

So what if I have more perspective if I never end up doing it? Right?

So I'm going to start right in the rewrite while everything is still fresh in my mind.