Writing isn't work for me, it's daydreaming.

I think I've found a world I like living in.

The whole idea of it being a "side project" is completely out the window. I'm focused on this story all day long. It has taken over my thinking.

One good thing has come out of this--I've managed to break the stranglehold my walks had on my writing. It had gotten to the point where I almost couldn't write except on my walks.

The new prime writing space is on top of my bed, with the fan running. It's the quietest, most isolated part of the house. I wish it was my office, but somehow that just hasn't taken hold.

But by making the prime writing space my bedroom, I've given myself many more hours in the day when I can write. That old feeling of being taken over by the book has returned and the same thing is happening---everything else gets neglected.

I have to give myself permission for this. It seems incredibly self-indulgent. My puritan inner voice is telling me to get off my butt, go to work, do something!

And my creative self sits around waiting for glimmers that become visions or words which become a story and feeling guilty that I'm not doing something.

Since I seem to finish books, I can throw that in the face of my guilt. See! I have done something!

I guess what I'm saying is writing doesn't feel like work. It feels like daydreaming.

Really enjoying my Moregone yarn. I'm back to writing scene chapters, that is, each chapter built around a single scene. This after my experiment with narrative in the last book. I don't know, maybe the differences aren't noticeable to most people, but it was noticeable to me.

While I like each chapter I've written so far, I fear that there may not be enough connecting thread. Each scene by itself is interesting, but doesn't necessarily pull the reader into the next chapter. I hope so. I hope that each chapter alone is worth reading.

My emphasis this time is making each scene unique and interesting and hopefully surprising. The plot is somewhat vague but that has been good because it's gone in completely unexpected directions. This is the story telling itself, and that's what I want these days.

As if I'm being told the story and I'm just writing it down.