The ending comes.

Went on my walk yesterday with the vague intention of thinking about the ending to Moregone, but didn't really expect much.

Sure enough, about halfway through the walk, it started coming to me.

How does that happen? It's hard to reconstruct the thought process, because it is so vague and uncertain.

I know that it usually starts by posing the question: sometimes specific, sometimes general.

I knew in this case that the whole theme of the story was memory. I knew that the protagonist was moving from the known world into the forgotten realm by the way of a mist-filled cave. So I knew that something affecting his memory needed to happen.

But what?

I thought about coming back home to look up quotes about memory, Wiki entries, philosophy and science, to see if anything was sparked.

As often happens when I'm stumped, the answer was the exact opposite of what I was pondering; It isn't that the protagonist forgets something but that he remembers. 

There was then a quick leap to the ending, things I'd been setting up all along. Getting them to all mesh into a single story line that resolves all the different threads.

This is why I write, I think. The satisfying solution to a plot.