Sending a book proposal.

First the first time in a long time, and probably only really the second serious attempt ever, I've sent book proposals off for "Time In/Time Out" to the only major publisher and only major agent I've had any real contact with.

I figure there is a 70% chance of no answer at all, a 20% chance of an outright rejection, and a 10% chance of a tepid interest. Heh.

But not sending it off at all would result in the same, so no harm and no foul.

I tend to write quirky genre novels, which are limited probably by being both quirky and genre. But this book I think has real commercial possibilities. It's got a strong premise and a breezy tone.

I sent the first 40,000 words and a synopsis.

I don't think I'm rushing it. These guys are looking for strong premises and commercial potential above anything else, and I think what I sent will either catch their interest...or not.

It is a bit of an impulse, but what I've learned about myself is--either I do it by impulse, or I have second-thoughts and don't do it at all.

I have, I think, a very realistic view of the publishing terrain, so I won't be disappointed, whatever happens. I won't take it personal. It's the way of the world.