Taking my time writing this time around.

Against all current advice and common wisdom, I'm taking a more measured--dare I say, leisurely--pace to "Shadows Over Summer House." This applies both to the actual process of writing it and to the story itself.

I want to inhabit this world for a while, feel it out. In order to pull this off I need three things.

1.) A strong narrative voice.

2.) A sturdy plot.

3.)  Plenty of atmosphere and mood.

I chose to write this in 1st person, with just one POV, so the narrator needs to be someone interesting enough to stay with. I'm trying to add more interior dialogue then usual to keep this going.

The sturdy plot is what pretty gave me the latitude to try to slow down. There are two almost completely different genres here, about half and half, and maybe it doesn't work, but it certainly carries a lot of potential. I like the mix.

I'm purposely stretching time. What could potentially be done in a week of time I've expanded to a couple of months. I want the sense that they are living this, one day at a time, and not every day something major happens.

The mood and atmosphere  is something I'm trying to include as I go along, but will also be the major focus in the rewrite--trying to get down evocative descriptions and telling details.

None of this may work, but I've written so many books that I think it is essential that I experiment, that I try new things, that I take risks.