Upping the sex and violence.

I decided since I was implicitly promising both Gothic Romance and Hard Boiled-ness, that I needed to up the sex in one half and the violence in the other half.

"Shadows over Summer House."

The tagline is "A Hard Boiled Gothic Novel."

So I added three sex scenes. They aren't overly explicit, I don't believe, but there is definitely sex involved. Probably still coming up short, but I think it fits the novel as written, so I don't feel like it is pandering.

The violence is just a matter of adding a few more blows, a few more bullets, and maybe a bit more blood. Again, nothing over the top, I don't believe, but just fulfilling the full potential of the scenes.

Spicing it up, so to speak. I can always take them out if I decide it's too much.

But to me it is just another way of adding Crocodiles.