Small encouragements.

Sometimes even small encouragements can keep you going.

Got an email from someone who noticed Tuskers III in the University of Arizona bookstore and thought it was the kind of thing he might like, and did I have any other audio books besides Tuskers I?

So, the fact that it was actually at the bookstore is encouraging, as well as his interest being strong enough to inquire.

I knew that the Tuskers books and Snaked were available for bookstore distribution, but how do you know where they show up? So any reports from the wild are appreciated. (Interesting that it is AZ, because that's where most of the books take place.)

And then I had a friend who pretty much raved about Snaked, about how much she liked it, and I think she was sincere and she obviously had read it. She gave me a nice review.

Anyway, maybe because they come out of nowhere, such small encouragements can keep one going.