Maybe because I've become more conscious of the technique, I'm letting more narrative into this story.  What it seems to do is add more of a time element to the story. That is, days can pass that can be described in a narrative way. It's a different way to pace the book.

Linda is my check on these things, but she also seems to like my stuff most of the time. She likes that it is all sequential from one POV.

"You're writing for yourself, remember?" she said last night.

I'm still forcing myself to write original material. The temptation is still there to say, "The chapter you wrote in the original version was fine, just use that," but even if that is true, the purpose of this rewrite is to flesh it out, to add more detail, and to pick the best wordage from each version.

Weirdly enough, this probably really is a good technique for me. First drafts are the easiest part of writing for me, and I have often wished I could just start over. But because of that I had a rule against it. But now I'm totally comfortable with the idea of writing 1500 to 2000 words a day, and knowing the story already makes it easier.

I'm in a muddier part of the story now, where it might be harder to keep the sequence pristine. But in a way, that's why I'm doing it.