How do you become a better writer than you are?

Experience? Study? Read more? Take a magic pill?

Do you have a level of talent that can't be breached? Are you only so deep? Are you just smart enough to see how you're not smart enough? Do you know when you have insights and you know you're short of them?

Do you read a book and realize that you'll never be that good? Not even close?

Do you keep writing even though you come short of your own expectations every time? Is that vision of the great book you keep having a complete illusion, forever out of reach?

Do you just keep trying, hoping you'll get lucky, that you'll stumble across a magic formula, that you'll put it all together?

Is there a stasis to your talent? It is what it is and nothing you can do can change it? Like a puzzle that you can glimpse the solution of but can't quite get there?

Is this even the point? Is the process enough, the enjoyment of telling a story, of living in an imaginary world?

Who decides if you're a good writer and are they right and does that change over time?

What does becoming a better writer even mean? Who and what can measure quality?

Do other writers have these kinds of thoughts, these doubts?

Am I procrastinating from writing?