Had a long talk with myself.

Why am I writing the same thing twice?

To continue to convince myself that this is right way to go about things. I've basically told myself I need to take twice as long and make twice as much effort on my books because I'm lazy.

I'm intellectually lazy and I'm impatient.

But I've worked out a process that I think avoids the pitfalls of rewriting that I've fallen into in the past, while accentuating the positive parts of my process. It's five years worth of writing experience.

If I was a smarter, deeper, more talented writer I might come up with an insight, or a pithy sentence, or a poetic passage once a day. But maybe I'm only 1/5th as smart, deep, and talented.

So I need to take five days to accomplish the same thing.

That is, if that is possible. It's more than possible that I'm on a plateau of smartness, deepness, and talent, that nothing I can do will get me higher up the mountain.

But it's worth the try.