Give the writer your trust.

I was checking my Kindle and in the last week I've had two people read all of one page of one of my books.

Really? One page? What can you really tell from one page?

I keep hearing that kind of thing. "Books got to grab me right away or else..."

Well, sure. I get that. But, you know, how about settling into a story? Letting the writer spin it out? It might pay off in the end, you know?

8 chapters, 7 days of rewriting. 14K words.

I figure I'm about halfway through.

I'm checking the original draft for names only. I know that some of the original draft was better than this draft, and some of this draft is better than the original draft. I can combine the two, hopefully. As long as I have nice, strong, sturdy timeline to hang it on.

It's getting harder to keep doing it the farther in I go. It's taking all my willpower not to just use the first draft and say "Good Enough."

The biggest help was at the beginning, where the sequencing had gotten wopsed. But I'm still convinced that the little details I'm adding to the second version are worth the effort. I'm determined to see it through.

The narrative chapters are interesting. I've had two full narrative chapters out of eight, and I've let narrative become a bigger part of the chapters that are told by scenes.

I have no idea if this story will interest anyone else, I'm letting it set the pace, but it interests me.