Boring update.

Finally finished the last rewrite chapter. It took me 4 days! It was very hard to write a chapter that I thought had come out all right in the first place. But again, it turned out well.

Final wordage, 36K, which in addition to the original 24K would have made a decent first draft.

So I'm halfway through and from today on, everything will be fresh material. I can't imagine that I'll want to double up on the writing again. There was a good reason to redo the first part, but hopefully I won't go as far astray with the rest of the book.

The weather has been a little cold for sitting and writing on my walks. Not so much the temperature as the wind chill. There always seems to be a pretty heavy wind. I write a little in the car when I arrive at the trailheads, and then a little when I get back. But sitting and freezing and imagining is problematic.

Still, it seems to be the only way to get myself going. I created this process and now I have to live with it.