So I thought about my little supernatural twist in my thriller on my walk, figured out what I could change to make it possible, and then did it.

So I guess I'm committed.

In a way, this is a declaration of freedom. I know that I have very little chance with the editor I was going to send this book to if I added anything supernatural.

But it makes it a better book, both for the reader and for the writer.

I'm not sure how long I can keep the twist under wraps. I'm guessing maybe halfway through the book. Damned if I know what happens after that. I just know that it intrigues me so much more than what I was already writing. It's that little bit extra that every book needs.

Twists are tricky. For one thing, if the reader doesn't encounter the twist until near the end of the book, the story has to keep the readers interest until they get there. Which means, in effect, that the twist is extra, it's the cherry on top, it's a little added bonus for the reader.

Anyway, like I said, while it makes it a better book and a book that will maintain my interest and hopefully the interest of the readers--this makes it less commercial.

So what I'm doing, in effect, is saying a better book is more important than it's commercial prospects.