Haven't written for two days. (Family visiting.)

I did figure out a further complication to the plot. Getting the longshoremen involved in the heist.

So that will be six outside sources impacting on "loner" protagonist. The original local gangsters, Katie, the new local gangsters, the FBI, the Teamsters, and the Russian mob. More Crocodiles!

Too much?

Maybe not, if I make that the basic point of the book. Have Granger constantly assert that he works alone, and then have all these outside forces constantly coming at him. Not supposed to be funny, exactly, but ironic.

I like to write books with constant complications. I don't know why. Gives me lots of material to work with. Usually it's multiple viewpoint characters and plotlines and locations.

Instead of having multiple locations and POV characters this time, I have one viewpoint character, 1st person, but with multiple outside influences. I think that works. I hope that works.

Somehow he has to work out a scheme where the different bad guys cancel each other out. Just letting the story unfold and making mid-course corrections. Not worrying about the ending or the length. We'll see what happens.

When I rewrite this, I'm going to try to downplay the supernatural element as much as possible until the twist is revealed. I'll have to be very clever. I'll need others to read my book without any preconceptions so I can ask them later when they caught on.