Don't Forget to Add the Crocodiles!

I'm reading books with a writer's eye this year.

One: I'm reading books. I'm going to read every night, at least for a little bit. I'm hoping to read a book every week or so. I read so few books last year I'm ashamed.

The second book of the year is by T. Jefferson Parker: "The Jaguar."


So he has this character who is delivering a ransom to a cartel leader in Mexico. He's carrying around a million dollars in a suitcase. The competing cartel is trying to kill him, (gun fight!) as well as random crooks (gun fight!) and corrupt cops (gun fight!). Along comes a hurricane, and the warning that 200 crocodiles from upriver have escaped.

So the hurricane arrives, and the building he's in crumbles, and he rides the suitcase, (meanwhile saving an 8 year old boy) and the danger just keeps ramping up, but finally he lands in swamp.

He's in a clearing with a line of logs and then one of the logs moves: CROCODILES!

Adding the crocodiles was a little funny to me. Like turning the dial up to 11.

OK. So the rule is--anytime you have a chance, you add action.

So that's going to be my code phrase from now on.