Another boring process blog.

Five days ago I thought I was 3 chapters and a short epilogue from finishing "Takeover." 4 chapters later, I'm 2 chapters and a short epilogue from finishing.

This is good, I think. I've always had a tendency to rush endings, and this just means that I'm fully fleshing it out. They're relatively short chapters, action oriented. The final chapter is the most important, so that's looming.

I'd hoped to be done by Sept. 1, but obviously, it will take a few extra days. New goal, by Labor Day.


Wasted a day. A relative visited and we took him out to lunch at Brother Jon's, and had a nice hamburger and the heat was so bad I didn't go for walk and the day went by and nothing.

Watched Narcos, which was great, and Defenders, which was meh.

Going for a walk early this morning while it's still cool, try to get the penultimate chapter written. Push it on through.

As I've mentioned before, I'll probably leave the epilogue until after the rewrite, since it seems to benefit from the extra time on reflecting what it all means. 

I will put this aside for two weeks, come back and rewrite the last 10 chapters first, then go to the beginning of the book and rewrite it all the way through.

I've subtly and not so subtly reminded my big mainstream editor about this several times now, hinted that I can take whatever news he has to give me on "Deadfall Ridge" and tried to entice him with "Takeover" but I've gotten no answers.

I've chosen to believe that no news is good news.