The Eclipse, time-travelers, and aliens.

Time travelers and aliens and the Eclipse.

I'm reading "Transitions," by Iain Banks, one of my favorite writers. He makes the case that the best time to seek out time travelers or aliens is during an eclipse.

The exact fit of the moon into the sun, he asserts, is a mystery and a wonder and probably unique in the universe.

I mean, what are the odds? They'll be coming from everywhere and everywhen just to catch a glimpse. And lots of them will be awkward, you know. Tourists, after all. Catch them out while you can.

I don't know about the science of that, but it's a funny idea.

So not only will I be wearing approved Eclipse glasses, I probably need to put on some 3D glasses over them just in case any aliens are around. Maybe a little tin foil to catch their reflections out of the corner of my eyes.

That will work, won't it?