Is "Takeover" coming too easily?

Went for my walk early, wrote 1500 words on "Takeover."  Back on track after a couple of days doing errands.

This is the easiest a book has ever come to me. That's a good sign, I think. It's when I struggle that I go off track. So far, everything is just falling into place.

If I tap into the correct narrator's authentic voice it will continue to be easy.

I can't tell if others will think it's good, but this is the first realistic novel I've written. In fact, I don't think I ever believed that I could write a realistic novel. When I finished "Led to the Slaughter" I realized that I could have had a good story even without the werewolves, but even then there was a hundred fifty years difference in realism, so I could get away with some things.

In fact, the final challenge of this book will be to get the legal stuff right, to smooth away anything that doesn't seem real. I'll probably need help for that. As usual with thrillers, I struggle with the guns and the law. Those are two things I have to research.

There is a whole lot of Sagebrush Rebellion stuff to include too, but I don't want to overdo it. It's a thriller not a political tract. I'm sticking to personalities, not politics. But the politics do add a little meat and consequence to the story. I worried a lot about whether I was writing something that the political polarization of our society would make impossible to read. But I think I've been fair to both sides, and I'm bringing in some really bad guys, extremists as the final villains, so if someone want to root for them, fuck them anyway.