Eclipse business and a digital sun.

Our sales were actually pretty good. I'm going to say average and since we were having a good month before the eclipse, that's not bad at all. Cameron wondered if we should close on Monday, but I said, no as a matter of routine we stay open, always. I think one of the things Pegasus Books can offer is reliability and steadiness, which means never closing except for Christmas day and Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Marvel has concocted a plan that forces us to buy 150 to 200% of the numbers we usually sell in order to qualify for the versions of the comics that the customers will want. So we're ordering roughly 35% more Marvel comics normal for Sept/Oct. We'll probably offer the regular covers for regular price, or the special covers for regular price WITH the purchase of a regular cover. Hard to see how we won't lose money otherwise.

This is the kind of gimmick that almost destroyed the comic market in the mid 90's and if we weren't doing well I wouldn't even attempt it. But the 3D covers are cool, and I don't really want to go without them, so I'm taking the chance.

It's very possible there will be an event hangover the next few days. Then again, maybe the locals will come out of their bunkers.

Oh, and the eclipse itself was one of the cooler things I've seen in my life. Linda and I live in Redmond, so we got the totality for about 50 seconds. Awe inspiring. 

But it was so crisp and neat it made me feel like I was living in a computer game, Pac man world. Heh.