Writing short pieces of "Takeover," what I'm calling "witness testimonies." If nothing else, it gives me a sense of each character. I ended up liking these snippets so much, I almost wonder if I could write an entire book that way.

I like the kind of complexity they weave, the sort of disjointedness and contrary observations that real-life events have.

I do think there needs to be a connecting thread, though. A main narrator. But meanwhile, I'm just writing things as they occur to me, with the idea that I can thread them all together later.

I'm just writing stuff that I'm inspired by so far. Using up a lot of the research I did fast, but I'm going to be moving into new territory soon, so that's probably all right.

I'm just hoping it will all hang together at the end.

Right now, I'm thinking of taking one character and making him every second or third entry, and making each entry of his at least a couple thousand words. (Most of the others are between 300 to 1000 words.) Use his narration as the connective tissue but try to maintain the tone.