In Cahoots.

The moonlight in cahoots,
to keep me riding
the dusty trail
on the banks of the canal,
a calf astray in the weeds.

Blackbirds dive bomb me,
pretending to be wounded,
leading me astray,
in cahoots, I reckon
with the lost calf.

Be safe, I murmur.
The water rushes through
the narrows, in cahoots,
spraying the soft green
amidst the brown.

In cahoots,
the bounding rabbits,
the scurrying lizards,
to keep me wandering,
no hurry to find the calf.

Dark and quiet,
until the calf bellows,
lost in the reeds,
needing its mother,
In cahoots to end my sojourn.

I rope the calf,
it quiets and follows,
the blackbirds ignore me,
the darkening trail,
in cahoots to lead me home.