Floundered around yesterday, just couldn't get going.

Part of it was that the chapter I wanted to write was going to be difficult and I wanted to be sure that I had some of it written in my head before I put it on paper. Part of it was the heat and the distraction. Anyway, I wasted most of the day.

Then, around 6:00, I forced myself to go into the bedroom and Write Something. I got something started, not great, but a start.

Then around 8:00 I went for my walk along the canal, and that's when the ideas started flowing. Filled in the earlier material and wrote new material and got back to the house at 9:30 and went out onto the patio and kept writing, then inside to type it up and add even more. Finally finished around 11:30.

Read it to Linda and she said it was really good. She really seems to like this story.

Substantial chapter, 1800 words, and it wasn't too shabby.

I'm proud of myself for not giving up on the day.