Dialogue is naked.

"Takeover" feels real to me. The book's got a really solid feeling to it, like it's meant to be. I get this sense in the pit of my stomach sometimes. Yesterday on my walk, I got this feeling that something strong is going to come out of it. Not sure what, just that it's there, that it's merely a matter of telling the story.

I don't want to be talked out of this delusion just yet.

I'm writing it the way I want, without any editorial input from my brain. I suspect some of it probably doesn't work, but I really like it. So I'm thinking I'll probably write this exactly the way I want, without any compromise whatsoever, because I think it's good.

My feeling is, if I try for literary, I won't get there but I'll write a better book from the attempt.

I'm getting to the part of my book with more dialogue and that feels a little weaker to me, because I think writing convincing dialogue comes from real world experience and in that I'm limited.

I can imagine people's interior thoughts easier, somehow. Embellish them enough to make them sound convincing.

Dialogue just sits there stark, without any clothing, and if it isn't strong, it shows.

But I won't get better at it until I try. I'm looking for naturalness, but also surprising turns.

Because people aren't predictable, and that shows in their words. So much is revealed by so little.