Confederation of Horror

I found immediate acceptance in the horror community. They liked what I was writing. I didn't think I was as extreme as some of them, but I was in the ballpark. I also realized that whatever I wanted to write could usually be adapted to the horror genre with a few tweaks.

Geoff at Cohesion Press is asking his authors to try a little harder social media wise, so I've been making a push. Interestingly, I saw that there were a ton of people who I had 50 people or more in common with, and they were almost all horror fans or writers.

I started adding these folks, and within a day the "mutual" friends list was suddenly more like 100 or more. So I'm adding those.

I'm pretty sure that we are simpatico by that point.

This is just a drop in the bucket, social media wise. I mean, I'm talking about going from about 350 friends or followers to 500 and then maybe to 1000? I don't think you really hit a level that makes a difference until you get to 10K or more. And how do you do that?

You write a breakthrough book.

I don't think it often works the other way around.

However, I'm comfortable with the idea of 5000 followers and friends, for instance, because I'm very quick going through the timelines and roll, and the more interesting stuff the better.

Yes, it's a lot of spam and authors trying to sell to each other, but that's OK. We're all in the same boat.