Child Slave Colonies on Mars. I've got to write it!

I have a million things to do, so what happens? I get caught up on the idea of child slave colonies on Mars, (Alex Jone's of Info Wars utterly bonzo conspiracy theory.)

It such a strange and strangely wonderful idea (not child slavery but the thought that anyone would believe it) that I wanted to write a Heinleinesque young adult/adult science fiction adventure.


"Spunky red-haired, freckled Sceeter has had enough. In the depths of the tunnels she scrawls "FREE MARS!" and before she knows it, the rebellion has begun, with her as its leader!"

The story grabbed me at 9:00 in the morning, and as often happens, I wrote a thousand words in jest, then another thousand words a little more seriously, and then...well, I was off.

I pretty much buried myself in the story, played hooky and wrote all day long. Barely got up to eat. Just kept writing and writing, and 9000 words and 11 hours later, I was finished. When I went for my walk, my eyes couldn't focus on anything farther than a few feet away. (That can't be good, heh).

As usual with a new story, I absolutely love it.