Wrote 3 crazy ex-wife chapters for Deadfall Ridge.

Amanda's an intriguing character, fun to write.

By writing these chapters, I remove some of the intrigue. On the other hand, these chapters also explain the origin of the McGuffin better than I have so far. On the third hand, I detract from her surprise appearance at the end.

So even though I've written them, I'm undecided about whether to include them. 

I'm working my way through the various edits of the book. Lara does a great job, really thorough, so I use her edits as the base copy. I've got a couple of other people who have edited the manuscript at least partly, and my writer's group comments. Dave Cline's comments are always really insightful. My former pro editor Tim Marquitz did an edit. Linda is partway through one, and she always has really good suggestions.

I'm pulling all the stops out for this book, as far as rewriting and getting as much input as possible. Incremental improvements, maybe, but I'm hoping they all add up to one big improvement.

I don't know if Gary at Kensington is ever going to be ready to read it. I haven't heard back from him for awhile, which seems to be the way it is. But meanwhile, I can keep trying to make the book better.