While I'm waiting to hear about "Deadfall Ridge" I decided to revisit some of my earlier work that I never released.

I wrote "Sometimes a Dragon" 30 years ago. Linda and I worked on it together for a time, so I have very fond memories of it.

It was a mess. I gave it a quick rewrite when I came back, but it still has problems. There is some nice writing there, and I love some of the characters, but there are major problems with the plot. They might be fixable, but it would take as much time and effort as it would to write another brand new book.

Each time I look at it, I try to improve it a little. So maybe someday it will shape up.

Same with my other unreleased books. Most of them are fantasies, which was my early focus. They all have something, but also have problems. Each time I've wrestled with them I've decided my time would be better spent writing something new, applying all the lessons I've learned.

I guess I'm holding out hope for magical epiphanies.