Just write.

The gulf between writing and marketing is like the Grand Canyon to me. It would take me building a Evel Knievel like rocketship to try to cross that gap and I don't much feel like it. I suppose I'm hoping that someone with a Wizard of Oz hot air balloon will cross the gap and look down and deign to notice me, but I'm figuring that's unlikely.

So I just write. It always comes back to that. I can feel myself getting oh so slowly better. The writing itself does that. I always feel pretty good about it when I'm active. It's only when I'm not writing that I start to have doubts. Whatever I'm writing at the moment is always "the best thing I've done." Heh.

I've already written 4 chapters of "Wyvern Riders" and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not sure there is a market for a series of fantasy novellas, but it probably doesn't matter since I'm not going to try to market it.

I'm going to write it.

I'd like to believe if I wrote something really good that people will notice. I have to have that faith, otherwise what's the point? I always felt that way about my store. Create the best store I can and let people find me, and that mostly worked.

Writing is quite a bit harder to stand out in, I admit. But, for instance, my entree into Kensington was the "executive editor" writing me out of the blue to tell me how much he liked "Led to the Slaughter." My entry to Ragnarok was a good review by one of the publishers, my entry into Cohesion was a good review by the publisher, and so on. That's the thin thread I've followed so far, and I'm hoping another thread will develop. But it seems so iffy I'm not depending on it. 

There is the sheer joy of writing. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do.

So fuck the marketing and full speed ahead.