A weed free garden for the first time. Of course, it's a fraction of the size of the plot in Bend, which was a third of an acre. It's so out of control the house is either selling that way, or I've got to hire a crew to clean it out.

The lawn is very green and lush, and I let it get away before I transferred the lawn mower. I actually had to use a weed eater to knock it down before I could mow.

I spent all evening in the Redmond garden, clearing it of weeds before they could seed in, and poisoning the cheat grass in the gravel. Not a weed to be seen.

That won't stay that way forever, of course. But it should be easier to keep up from now on as long as I don't drop the ball. It's a bit like a new car without a dent in it. You want to keep it that way for as long as possible.

But eventually, entropy catches up. Fight The Entropy!

I've only transferred a few plants so far. Most importantly, my mom's peony, my biggest remnant of Libby's wonderful garden.

Still working out the kinks of the new house. The fridge doors are wonky, have to close them correctly. One of the hinges came off a door. The water comes out too strong and too fast in the shower. There is no side mirror in the bathroom. Both toilets were broken, thankfully not at the same time. The builder has been responsive to all the changes. He's building a house next door, so he's sort of hostage.

The air conditioner keeps it cool without much effort, it seems. The granite countertops hide all the grit, which is both bad and good, I guess. The wood floors have wisps of cat fur everywhere already.

Panga adapted rather quickly. She likes the short hop down to the enclosed and open backyard. It's mostly quiet in the neighborhood so far. Have met a few neighbors, including a very gossipy old fellow who clued us in on who's who. :) 

Can't get the New York Times here in Redmond. Will have to transfer it to the store.

It's quiet here, and despite the closer proximity of neighbors, more private. We thought we were getting privacy in Bend, but because of the angle of the lawn, we were visible from the street.

I've found a new walking path 15 miles out which is suitable. I'm hoping to re-establish my writing routine on it. Haven't run into anyone out there yet, but there's more tracks than in my Badlands trail, so I'm bound to run into someone eventually.

Linda and I are going to end the day at that canal trail I found. She'll read while I do my hour walk.

Haven't heard back from my publisher on the book I thought I had sold. Last message was, "I'll have the contract to you next week." That was two months ago. I sent him a message a week ago. "Are we still on?" Haven't heard anything.

Say what you will about self-publishing (like that I only sell 10 copies that way) it gets done fast!

It's a new life.