Worked on the problem chapter all day and I think I made it much better. Enough for me to comfortably continue with the story.

Have about 12K words to write, or about 8 to 10 chapters. So I think it's time to work out the rest of the plot before I go on. Or at least have a clue.

I'm feeling confident it will come together somehow, but I'm waiting for that aha moment. I feel the elements starting to come together, but they aren't there yet.  I have "Said the Joker, To the Thief" to draw upon. The Mirror God Covenant provides lots of material.

I'm pretty sure what the overall purpose of the Toad King's journey is-- the McGuffin of the story is the Mirror God statue. It's a key, somehow, to unleash the Mirror God. Other than that, I'm a little hazy.

But the subconscious is working on it, I hope. I trust it is.