No word from my editor on which thriller plot he might like.

No big surprise, there. Our last interaction started off the same way. Apparent interest, then complete ignoring, then me delivering a finished book and him liking it. Took over a year.  I'm hoping the same thing will happen again.  The bigger publishers just operate on a different timeframe.

Meanwhile, it has now been more than 12 weeks since I sent "Said the Joker, To the Thief" to Kindle Singles. I'd love to believe it means something, but it probably doesn't mean anything.

Cohesion Press, the publisher of "Snaked," seems to be making huge strides in the publishing world, with some incipient bestsellers under his belt, so I figure that's all good. Hopefully, by the time "Snaked" comes out (scheduled for October) he'll will have all the publishing kinks with IPG sorted out.

I'm going to be excited to write "Takeover." It has the potential to be a good book. But I'm trying not to put too high expectations on myself, for fear of blocking myself.

I'm just going to write the book.

I wouldn't hurt to put some thought into it first, though. I've learned that. How many characters, what format, the theme, the overall arch of the story and so on. I've been filling that in a little just by osmosis.

I'm really hoping I can start going on long walks again around the same time. I think that would be really helpful to the creative process.

One last chapter to "The Toad King" is going to be written today. I've just been sitting down and writing these last few chapters without further ado. I know what I want from them so I'm going straight there. Probably end up with 1000 to 1500 words to spare, so I have a little wiggle room in the rewrite, which this will need.

Still, having two "Tales of the Thirteen Principalities" under my belt makes that world feel real to me.  I'd eventually like to write a couple more, but first I need to write "Takeover."

I need to channel my inner Stephen Hunter, Lee Child, John Sandford, and John Connelly. Heh.