A guest post, from Shawn Hoge Remfrey.

Gratifying to know I'm infesting my friend's minds.

The Toad King is Stalking Me.

“Mom!  There’s a frog in the pool!”

It all started off so innocently.  The ice over the pool had melted, but the odds of it being an actual frog instead of a leaf or something else innocuous were pretty good.  I trudged outside and looked all over.  No frog.  I was in the clear.

Then the pointing began.  Then I SAW it!  It wasn’t just a frog.  This thing was massive!  It was easily the size of both of my chubby toddler hands!  And it was dead! D.E.A.D.  How did I know?  I looked at it.  It was an odd grey and slimy and looked like it was one of those foam grow animals that you plunge into water.  Oh the horror!

Of course, I pretended I still couldn’t see it.  Admitting I saw it meant that I’d have to do something about it.  Nope.

An hour later, I went back out to look at it.  Just to see if it would still stare at me with it’s cold, beady little eyes.  It was gone!!  

At that moment, I realized The Toad King was out to get me.  I blame McGeary for this.  I’ve been following his progress on The  Toad King so it was already in the back of my mind.

Everywhere I’ve gone, all day, at the slightest hint of movement, I’ve jumped back, sure that he was about to strike.  Air current in the curtains?  It’s The Toad King!  A  fluttering piece of paper?  It’s The Toad King!  I’m even scared of my own feet at the moment!  They’re under the desk and every time I feel a tickle, I’m sure it’s The Toad King, coming to suck my soul!!!