Never too much action. On the assumption that more action is better than less, I'm adding a couple chapters near the end of the book. One concerning individual homes burning, the other burning down Bend.

I tend to wrap up books perhaps a little faster than I should. It doesn't seem like it at the time, but there always seems to be more I can do. With "Snaked," the publisher pointed out that I needed more black sea snake action at the end, and he was right.

Meanwhile, the pace of rewriting seems extraordinarily languid to me. I gave myself the month of January for this purpose, which seems like a lot of time. But my deadlines have always been self-imposed. No one is clamoring for my books. I have books already written. There is no hurry.

But by thinking that way, I'm in danger of stalling. It's important that I keep up the pace, I think.

Nevertheless, I'm sticking to my plan and giving January over to this book. Trying to apply myself every day.

Meanwhile, I started to get my hopes up slightly on Amazon Singles for "Said the Joker, to the Thief." Then I looked up the site yesterday and had to laugh.

Here were the names on the first few pages: John Grisham, Dean Koontz, Lee Child, Diana Gabaldon, and so on and so forth.

Amazon Singles only publishes something every couple days, which is far less than most major publishers. (Just looked up Random House, and they publish 2500 books a year. In other words, the odds are about 90% less than Random House.)

I saw no fantasy. 

Forget about it. What a joke. This is like taking my local flag football team and taking the field against the Green Bay Packers. 

But I didn't need an agent...