In a few more days, I'm going "LIVE"  with this book.

When the Devil comes a-calling, Grandy isn't surprised. He's a damned soul -- or so he thinks. When the urge comes over him, he kills without pity or remorse.

But the Devil isn't after his soul. Not just yet. He hires Grandy to infiltrate a cult which is planning to open a Portal to another dimension.  

The Old Gods await.

It's a jurisdictional issue. The Devil can't go where he isn't invited.

But Grandy can. 

This the most straightforward book I've written. Fun and quick and hopefully humorous. Told from a single first-person perspective.

It's also Linda's favorite book.

I've decided to make this an audio book, with Cameron Saunders doing the narration. I'm going to be really excited to hear how it sounds.

That's a whole new thing, and we'll have to figure it out, but I think this will sound good.