For some reason, I felt like tackling the timeline yesterday.

Went through and tagged the chapters of the last day by hours and minutes.

Then I moved all the chapters to meet the timeline.

I didn't like it. I like the order I have the chapters now, even if they don't follow the timeline exactly. Thing is, putting things in order like that made it possible to see if it all fit. There were a couple of places where I had night and it should have been day, but mostly I had it right.

So now I have three choices.

1.) Stick strictly to the timeline, rearranging the chapters to fit.

2.) Stick to my original order, but go ahead a tag them with the correct time, even though they jump around.

3.) Not have any timeline noted at all.

I'm inclined to do #2 and hope the reader goes along with a slight mental adjustment. These chapters were put where they were because I wanted a certain amount of action, a certain amount of character development, and so on. It's more by feel than anything.

I have to work the next two days, so I'm setting "Terror by Fire" aside to think about it. I think I'll have this research done by around the 10th or so, and then I'm going to do one last beginning to end rewrite.

Also undecided about adding another chapter with the destruction of a town. I've already got four semi-climaxes, so not sure I need a fifth one. Maybe I can figure out a short half-page addition to a couple of chapters, sort of mentioning it.

Meanwhile, I'm concentrating on making the first three chapters as tight as I can make them, then sending them off to agents. This is a doubtful activity, because I'm really only offering this one book. I don't want to get tied down.

In the last rewrite, I want to concentrate on the last 5 chapters, so I may start there and then go back to the beginning.

Proud of myself for making the extra effort.