Tuskers III is live at last!

It's been a long wait for the ebook. This was supposed to come out in October, 2015, but my publisher, Ragnarok Publications got all ambitious and decided to distribute in bookstores, which set the whole process back.

The physical version of this book came out about a month and a half ago, but I know the vast majority of my readers are ebook readers, so it's been frustrating.

I hope people haven't lost interest in my pig saga. The evolution of Tuskers and the devolution of man continues, leading to the big climax of Tuskers IV.

My book sales are at their lowest point since I started. I think it's easy to lose momentun unfortunately, so once again I'm asking my faithful blog readers (I have 53 followers at least) will buy this book. Please.

And you might enjoy it!

Love you all,