Because of my slow progress on the rewrite, I started working out a schedule yesterday. Five days for this, five days for that, five days for the next thing.

That helps get things done...but....

Random improvements on plots and characters keep coming to me. Just little wisps of thought, maybe only two or three per day, but all of them helpful.

Thing is, if I was doing my usual rigorously scheduled thing, these thoughts would have never come. I would have been past them already, onto the next thing.

So maybe this slowdown is a good thing. Maybe I should just try to stay in the fictional dream and see what comes.

 So once again, I'm backing away from an enforced schedule and letting myself drift a little. I have a general "do some editing today" goal, but nothing more. Let my subconscious keep filtering things to me.

The ideas on how to change the book keep coming to me, so that means my subconscious apparently wants it done. I was at my writer's group Christmas party yesterday (which unlike the actual group, always get a big turnout, heh) and I was talking this way, and someone said, "SO...there's another Duncan you're talking to?"

I joked it off by doing a nervous twitch, but...well...yeah. That's how it feels sometimes.

Yesterday, I added some character development to the second chapter. I like it, but now I'm worried there is too much in the chapter. I may have to cut something else.

This is what I'm talking about. I can never be sure that the changes aren't making things worse, instead of better.

I guess I feel that I've reached a place in my writing where it is basically competent and readable, everything is done right,'s just missing a little something extra.

Since I can't inject myself with something "extra" the only component in the writing where I have some leeway is in the time I take to do it. So I'm adding time, as much time in the rewrite as in the original draft, and seeing what comes of it.